electrocomics (electrocomics) wrote,

Leroy & Dexter: too small to be forgotten

Did you notice?
Something's missing!
Something quite small, something easily overlooked, something nanoscopic in size, yet reaching to the very core of the matter!
No, not the 50 000 000 000 Dollars NASDAQ chairman Bernard Madoff gambled away.
something EVEN SMALLER:
The adventures of Leroy & Dexter in the nanoworld, sadly, have come to an end.
After 111 strips, Thomas Gilke has laid his specially manufactured nano-pens to rest and is looking forward to drawing things so daringly bold, he may actually be able to see them on his drawing paper without the aid of a scanning electron microscope.
To celebrate Leroy & Dexter's well-earned retirement, we bring you 111 classic moments from this timeless epic, one from each strip:

Ok, enough now, off you go to read their miniature saga from the beginning:
in English here, auf deutsch hier.

Can that be all?! Well, we guess it could, but it sure ain't:
In summer 2009, Leroy & Dexter will re-emerge on paper, in the German edition (by avant-verlag) of their collected adventures, plus their secret origins in an obscure Welsh newspaper strip from the 1940ies (?), and more extras than angels dancing on the point of any pin!
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