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Posted on 2008.06.15 at 16:28
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Four new e-books are ready for download at electrocomics.com:

RADIOACTIVE FOREVER - a comic strip essay by Kai Pfeiffer, 44 pages (English version)
RADIOAKTIV FOREVER - ein Comic-Essay (deutsche Fassung)

This straight non-fiction comic reflects the Chernobyl catastrophe in pure facts, but not without pictorial flights of fancy, as we watch Nuclear Boy visiting the sites of his crimes, or Kai Pfeiffer himself consuming power ...

RUBIAH by Sacha Goerg, 143 pages (English version only)
Deutsche Einführungsseite

Swiss born, Belgium based Sacha Goerg tells the story of his holidays in Indonesia, swimming, discovering sites, running from apes, hanging in hammocks ...

BLAD by Borretsch, 53 pages (German version only)

A young, newly discovered artist from Austria presents her stunning autobiographical comic debut. "Blad" is Austrian for fat/obese, and the protagonists problem, real or imagined. Solution: Anorexia. "What all anorexic persons have, are the unsteady eyes. The thin hair on their skin like a baby's fuzz. The incoordinated movements and a suspicious interest in the fullness of others ..."
This is part one (first published in the Austrian comics anthology Perpetuum) of a three-part graphic novel.

THE TRAP by Olivier Schrauwen, 14 pages (English version only)
Deutsche Einführungsseite

In this short piece, first published in the Finnish anthology Glömp, Belgian artist Olivier Schrauwen shows how even the most moustacheoid savagery must surrender to the smashing power of reckless goodwill.

HEUTE IST DER LETZTE TAG - chapter 11 by Ulli Lust, 26 pages (German version only)

The latest chapter in Ulli Lust's ongoing autobiographical epic, where the girl hits bottom in Siciliy, entering the heartless darkness, a cold and brutal place.

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