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Comic-Salon Erlangen, May 22-25, 2008

Just a bunch of pictures and some sloppy captions for a quick survey of our stay at the Comic-Salon Erlangen this year.

Most photos by Ulli Lust, some by me. In Berlin, I took the early train at 5:50 a.m. to Erlangen, so I figured there was no use going to sleep the night before. When I arrived, I took a couple photos, and after that completely forgot about my camera for the rest of my sleep deprived stay. I might have vaguely figured I could download the pictures taken by my mind later anyway. Actually having to man a "camera" to do that seemed ridiculously archaic. Thus, no pictures from the exhibitions by Dorgathen, Blain, Guy Delisle, Line Hoven, Chinese comics (Manhua), or "Fumetto heute!", the one about the new Italian comic artists, or the group show of regional artists who work in comics-related idioms, including the great Michael Jordan ...

Before the opening of the exhibition presenting the collective book "Pomme d'amour - seven love stories". Stripes take the pressur away from all the legwork involved in putting together the book and the exhibition: On the left, Paz Boïra, on the right Barbara Yelin.

Pomme d'amour: The exhibition (only the central part of the show, including movie- and slide projections).

On with the lovely apples: Verena Braun (left) and Barbara Yelin

Another pomme: claire Lenkova. Best story in the book, as by my humble judgement (meaning: it is my burden to be always right).

Dirk Schwieger (center) came with wife and child. On the left me, on the right Thomas Gilke.

Comic artists Frank Schmolke and Ulf K.. Schmolke displaying a knack for smart luggage, holding the two most indispensable things you needed at the Comic-Salon: A bottle of beer and Ulli Lust's new book.

Shame on the big Hendrik Dorgathen retrospective! I didn't have enough time to appropriately take in all the fascinating work on display, and even neglected to take a single picture. Here are his wife and daughter in the background, next to an unknown couple, all having fallen for the Panini sticker album craze, this years innovation, forcing you to seek the stickers with drawings by many artists presented by the Comic-Salon at various places, the exhibitions, publisher's booths at the fair and even Bars ...

Line Hoven (winner of the Icom-independent comics prize) and Ulli Lust, relaxing (meaning: denying their hordes of fans a signature in their respective books while these valuable minutes were carelessly wasted on chitchat!).

Single Mawil and Ulli Lust (absolutely engaged for nine years and one day when this photo was taken) at the Reprodukt booth.

On the left Lust impersonator Ulrich Scheel, on the right the real Ulli Lust in her protective scarf (for a mysterious health problem. No, it's not the "diva bug"), both signing their new books, "Fashionvictims, Trendverächter" (Lust) and "Die sechs Schüsse von Philadelphia" (Scheel) at the avant-verlag booth.

Left to right: Markus Huber, Nicolas Mahler, KP

Anke Feuchtenberger, this years winner of the festivals most important prize, "Best German Comic Artist", and Nicolas Mahler, who won the prize for the best strip series (Flaschko), after already having won the prize for the best German comic last year. He made a faint attempt at declaring the jury's choice an act of pity for his perseverance despite marginal book sales, but I could clearly feel he's ready to accept his being the new mainstream role model for any young funnybook newcomer aiming at the big time.

It was a real pleasure to meet David B. again after quite some years, if only for a couple minutes. He won the prize for the best international comic this year. Here he's at a panel discussion, sporting his new grey beard, succesfully designed to give his at times scathing persona a smoother touch. At least I hope that's just mimikry. I want to hold on to the Nasty French cliché ...

Wow, that blurred something is me, lecturing away about Electrocomics, taking an at best half awake audience on this Sunday morning at 11 a.m. on a journey through our programme (ok, I admit the half awake one was me. The audience was sound asleep). Ulli Lust left the duties of conversational grandstanding on the podium all to me this time, adding the occasional remark from the auditorium, where she sat busy signing more copies of her new book.
After the lecture, I took part in a discussion panel about whether publishing houses are still needed in the age of online comics. I managed to make my points early on, so I could doze off a bit through the second half of the discussion, especially when a German indie comics artist/publisher told us how he doesn't like to read comics at his computer and about how annoying communication with readers on the web is ... all extremely interesting positions which would have been fully supported by my grandpa, hadn't he been unable to attend due to his being dead.

On to some prettier sights ...

Mind you, as effortless as these phantastic creatures seem to manifest themselves before our dazzled eyes, they require quite some work. In this case even help from a technical assistant (a degree in engineering required, I'm sure).

I like how many cosplayers bring body types into the fantasy world most manga- or animé-artists fail to cover in their work. On the right: Wittek, comic artist from Hamburg.
There isn't any cosplay for "alternative" comics fans yet. Although there's always a bunch of people disguised as Jeffrey Brown, and an impressive array of stunning Rusty Brown lookalikes at any given comics festival.

And finally, the long awaited meeting of Superman and Superfiske (whom only very casual observers might mistake for Jimmy Olsen in this shot)!
Photo taken by Steffen Kverneland, Lars Fiske's co-artist on the book "Olaf G.", depicting their beertensive pilgrimage on the tracks of their idol Olaf Gulbranssons through Bavaria. Both made impressively clear at their stay in Erlangen that all their excessive beer swallowing displayed in the book was in no way an exaggeration, but merely their daily routine.
Good thing Erlangen is situated in Franken, the part of Bavaria where arguably the best beer is brewed ...

(kai pfeiffer)

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