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Posted on 2008.05.21 at 15:57
The following Electrocomics-related events will take place at the Comic-Salon Erlangen this week (May 22-25, 2008):

On Sunday, at 11:00., Ulli Lust and Kai Pfeiffer will hold their lecture about Electrocomics (in its third "incarnation" after Kunsthaus Dresden and spx Stockholm).

After that, at 12:00., Kai Pfeiffer will take part in a panel discussion about online comics and traditional publishing houses.

On Saturday, at 17:00, Kai Pfeiffer will be interviewing Italian artists Gipi and Paolo Bacilieri on stage, as well as Alino, curator of the Fumetti heute!-exhibition and organizer of the Comicon festival in Naples, for which Kai Pfeiffer two years ago curated an exhibition presenting the new generation of German comic artists as a joint venture by the festivals of Erlangen and Naples, with Alino now coming to Erlangen to return the favour (or take revenge?). Taking Gipi as the centre, the exhibition shows the contemporary Italian comics scene, including, among many others, Andrea Bruno and Giacomo Nanni.

Ulli Lust, as well as Paz Boira are part of the exhibition "Pomme d'amour - seven love stories", presenting the book of the same name, edited in Germany by Die Bbiblyothek and in France by Delcourt.

Also, a couple more Electrocomics-authors are present at the festival, presented by various print publishers:
Dirk Schwieger, Kati Rickenbach, Thomas Gilke, Ulrich Scheel, Fabian Stoltz and the upcoming new additions to our programme, Olivier Schrauwen and Lars Fiske.
They can be found at the tables of Reprodukt, avant-verlag and Edition Moderne.

Look for detailed informations here:
Internationaler Comic-Salon Erlangen 2008

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