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New Strip Series on Electrocomics

Posted on 2008.05.11 at 22:57

It is long overdue that Electrocomics helps to reveal the hidden nature of the things surrounding us. And what are those things? 100% Skandinavian furniture!
So, consequentially it has to be a Skandinavian who shall tell us what really informs those cryptic IKEA instructions: We've been turning the screws for Satan all along!
We'd like to point out, though, it wasn't a Swede blowing the whistle on Ingvar Kamprad's hidden agenda, but a Norwegian living in Finland: Cartooning, designing, singing and painting conspiracy scholar Karstein Volle. But it surely was no coincidence Electrocomics' publisher Ulli Lust first met him in Stockholm. We hope Swedish customs won't pay him very special attention next time he crosses their border after this here indiscretion:

FACTS FROM THE WORLD by Karstein Volle

Stay tuned for his weekly exposures.

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