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ulli lust


Posted on 2008.05.03 at 16:53
Knut Larsson: "There is party in the Berlin Bar tonight. You come with us?"
I have arrived from Berlin a few hours ago: "Is it far away?"
K.: "No, it's on another island!"
I :"On another island? This sounds far to me!"
K.: "Not if you know that Stockholm is build on islands."

The  Spx08 comics festival in Stockhom was accompanied by an almost insultingly bright sunny weather. The sun was shining through the high windows of the Kulturhuset, blinding the substantial crowd of visitors. Now, Swedish comics are said to be dark, melancholic and sarcastic - and they truly are, as proofed by the just published book "From the Shadow of the Northern Lights - an anthology of Swedish alternative comics" (Ordfront Galago / Sweden & Top Shelf / USA). This Swedish comics festival was a warm-hearted, relaxed and extremely inspiring event, thanks to the many young artists in attendance, the genuinely interested visitors, and not least thanks to the considerable efforts of the festival's organizer, Kristiina Kolehmainen.

By mistake a big file of my photos (the good and inspired ones, haha) has been deleted, that's why in the following gallery you will not find a picture of Kristiina Kolehmainen singing Karaoke, Stan Sakai (USA), Marko Turunen & Annemari Hietanen (Fin), Jacqueline Berndt (Ger/Jap), Marcus Nyblom (Sw, future electrocomics artist). Chris Staros (USA, the editor of Top Shelf was very delighted by the invitation of his Swedish colleague Johannes Klenell "Editors never get invited!!"), Ulli Lust (Ger, holding a lecture about electrocomics) and our one and only Kolbeinn Karlsson ("I like sitting here, looking like a young man in the blossom of his prime").

unknown Japanese woman in the Comics library, Kaori Kuniyasu, Jörn

Knut Larsson (see his e-book "Deergirl" at electrocomics)

the festival's organizer Kristiina Kolehmainen

Espen S.T. and Marshtin, young Norwegian comic artists

Marcos Farrajota, veteran Portuguese comics activist (Chilli con Carne)

the Finnish Mumin sisters Pauliina Mäkela (I strongly recommend her last publication "Mystic sessions Vol. 1" )
and Amanda Vähämäki (see her e-book "Prophet" at electrocomics)

Warda Ahmed (Fi) and Karstein Volle from Norway
Karstein Volle is drawing very special comic strips for Norwegian newspapers, and very soon
his strip "Facts from the world" will be uploaded weekly at electrocomics (in english)
In the background you see Edmond Baudoin (Fra) reading the catalog of a comics festival in Lissabon, organized by Marcos Farrajota;

Ulli Lust


guprus at 2008-05-03 21:06 (UTC) ()
very nice company!
i want to be there!!
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