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Posted on 2007.09.06 at 15:50

this in an amazing piece of rather primitive, but very effective animation by japanese graphic arts maverick tadanori yokoo.
this movie was made in 1965, and is a prime example that the crucial factor in the graphic world is not cgi, but the ability of pictorial thinking.

sometime in art school nearing the end of the last millenium, i held a lecture about yokoo's psychedelic and very political posters, mostly for provocative japanese underground theaters and performance groups in the 60ies and 70ies, but i'm too lazy to dig further into my brain to remember any more details, so for more informations, let me just refer you to these quick links:
tadanori yokoo official website
yokoo on wikipedia

and check out the e-book on electrocomics by german filmmaker and draughtsman helmut herbst, who is about the same age as yokoo, and shares comparable graphic and political sensibilities: Cathedral of New Emotions

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